Planning for a Challenge

November is National Novel Writing Month.

Cool, right? But, “Caroline, it’s MAY!” You’re thinking. I know, I know.

I found this really cool website that encourages everyday people to write during November. I think it is an awesome initiative and a great idea! SO many people have fascinating stories and writing can be very therapeutic, regardless of if anyone reads it.

I’ve always joked that I’m going to write a book about my life one day. It’s not like I’ve been through a lot necessarily or that it’ll be particularly fascinating or thrilling, but I’ve had some interesting experiences that I think someone might want to read about one day. If I write about them well, anyway.

I like writing! (GASP) As I just finished college, I think I’m going to be actually WRITING a lot more on this blog. I’ve been looking for an outlet lately. And writing because I WANT to, not because I have to sounds fun to me. The other post-grad plan that I’ve decided on is reading. A lot more. Like actually reading for fun! What an idea!? haha I’m getting my library membership (for real this time, post to come about that) so I don’t go into debt and I’ve got a summer reading list printed in my desk drawer.

So after I spend all summer reading the great literary works of the world, I hope to be inspired and eager to get typing come November. One thing I”m nervous for is my perfectionism. When I write, it’s usually my final draft. Not that it couldn’t use editing or a proofread, but when I put something down I am meticulous and thorough and often say it exactly how I think it should be said. Or maybe I’ll look back and hate what I wrote, think it’s utter ramblings or that I was trying too hard. So many things to think about when writing!

There is a no-editing rule for November, just a free-flow if ideas. December is for editing, as the website says. This could be an obstacle for me. But hey, what’s life without challenges?! I say, bring it on.

If you’re interested in learning more about Novel Writing Month or want to write too, check out

If i think it’s any good around turkey day, I may post some of my writing! (As if you wanted to read more of the bunk that comes out of head!)


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Reflecting on graduating

As I face graduation coming up soon, I’m faced with a conflict of sorts. I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments throughout my education. I’ve worked very hard (despite much procrastination and complaining) and have learned so much. However, as I look out at the greater world I am overwhelmed that I truly know so little. There is so much left to learn in life… trades I want to learn, skills to hone, intellectual topics I’ve barely broken the surface of… It’s very humbling to consider what I’ve done compared to what I still hope to accomplish. Good thing I’m young, optimistic, and value this new humility 🙂

“Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more.”

–William Cowper

PS Love Van Gogh, this is the wallpaper on my computer right now 🙂

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The Meaning of Life

I wish I was as bold and confident when I was young.

I’ve only gained such perspective through years of hard work and rejection.

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I should be so lucky to have a Gatsby quote as my epitaph.

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Stop Motion

So cool! I’d love to have this bookshelf!

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The Voice

I’m SO excited for this show!

I’ve gotten real tired of American Idol (who hasn’t?!). In my opinion, Kelly is the ONLY real Idol.

Currently watching and i think its phenomenal! SO entertaining! Xtina is the ultimate diva. Cee-Lo knows his stuff. Blake’s country strong. Adam Levine is….. yumm.

And WHERE can I get me one of them spinning chairs?! #need

I think this show is gonna be added to my weekly viewing schedule…. (putting it in my outlook as I type this)

What do you guys think? Does the show have staying power??

Also, you must watch the video for the new Maroon 5 song “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”

Swoon-worthy to say the least

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Easter Fun!

Happy Easter weekend all! Hope you got a day or two off of your obligations to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones.

I have an exciting weekend planned and I can’t wait! One of my best friends is in town and we’ve got lots to do!

Got my free coffee (earth day special, get yours asap!) from Starbucks this morning (Bou has one too!). What would I have done without that boost of caffeine on a day like today!? Happy Earth Day 🙂

After our coffee run this morning, we all attended an anti-protest of sorts! It was at Planned Parenthood in Highland PArk, MN. Apparently every year on Good Friday, this clinic gets a whole bunch of pro-life protesters. To counter that and show support for the clinic, pro-choice rally was organized to happen at the same time. It made for such a great morning! Everyone was so upbeat (despite the dreary, chilly weather) and I felt like we really came together with the community. It was a very meaningful and invigorating experience! I loved demonstrating, actively participating, and supporting something I feel very strongly about. We marched for about an hour and a half with giant pink signs. They held an inter-faith prayer service and we even got to give video testimonials about why we support Planned PArenthood. I was so happy to be able to be a part of something so meaningful and positive. Plus, we had fun! I am hoping to get involved with more volunteer activities after graduation (when I have time and a normal schedule)

We have quite an evening planned as well! Shopping for formal dresses is first on the agenda. Our next formal is coming up just before graduation! Should I wear glitter shoes again!?

After that, we’re heading to the biggest buffet in MN for dinner–my friend is the biggest chinese food fiend I’ve ever met and this buffet is absolute HEAVEN. Check it out–Lake St/Hiawatha called the Teppanyaki Buffet–you won’t be disappointed.

After that, a fun night out with my best friends 🙂

Hopefully we get another limo to chauffeur us around town!

Saturday will include buying wine, cheese, and macaroons from Surdyks and watching hP7. I’ve only seen it like 4 times since the DVD came out….

Sunday morn means Easter brunch and doing some homework! Bummed I couldn’t go home to be with my family this Easter but they’ll be here soon enough for graduation and I’ll be home for an extended visit in June. I have quite a busy week next week to get ready for anyway! Classes ramping up for finals and the week culminating in Spring Jam.

And I have a Skype interview Monday with a school in Beijing! I may teach English there next year! #fingerscrossed

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