Hilarious video of funny state stereotypes!

Clever spin on our Minnesota nice rep!


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Great (F) Scott!

My unhealthy deep love and adoration for F. Scott Fitzgerald is no secret. I love his writing, anecdotes, and reading about his fascinating life.

I was first made aware of his genius in my high school AP American Lit class (shoutout to Mr. Costello and MHS). I had no interest in literature, interpretation, or active reading prior to this class. I would read for fun but never really engage the material. Quite honestly, I didn’t know how. But thanks to a scary great teacher and classic novels, a small seed of appreciation for literature was planted in me.

Today, it has grown tremendously. I’ve started to read and *gasp* attempt to understand books on my own (with the help of the internetz)

Fitzgerald really was a wizard and he’s still one of my favorite authors to read. And re-read.

I’ve developed a slight obsession with all things not only Fitzgerald, but Gatsby-related over the years. It’s easily my favorite book (HP takes spots 2-8, obvi). I’ve read it countless times and can never seem to get enough. One of my best friends just confessed to me that she’s never actually read the book, so I can’t wait to make encourage her to read it!

My obsession never gets the chance to wane as new ties to the story pop up everyday: the film (by my FAVORITE director, Baz, no less), a red wine with its namesake (anyone in FL or NY want to field a shipment for me?!), even the tragic demolition of the Gatsby mansion inspiration (if only I had a couple Gs in the bank).

I can read about him/his work for hours but lucky for me, I can even experience a bit of his life for myself! It’s a strange coincidence that Fitzgerald was born and raised in none other than St. Paul, MN. How lucky that I just so happen to live in the same state, let alone AREA as one of my idols?! Pretty damn lucky.

I’ve been wanting to visit some of the historic Fitzgerald sites since I moved to Minneapolis. Being that he lived here for many years, there’s much to see! My favorite internet discovery from the past few years is the “Fitzgerald Walking Tour.” What a genius idea?! People have mapped out where Fitzgerald lived and hung out and made a handy guide for stalkers enthusiasts like myself! There are a couple I’ve ran across but these two are the best:

On Friday, I am planning to go with a couple of friends and follow in Fitzgerald’s footsteps! Camera and maps in hand, I can’t wait to visit his old haunts and mingle with the places that cultivated his genius! I have goose-bumps already!

I hope to cap off my tours with a stop at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading Alcove at the Central Library. What a beautiful tribute! And you can bet I’ll have a copy of Gatsby in my bag.

Oh and did I mention that there is a similar tour out in California featuring the setting for Fitzgerald’s post-MN life?? My wallet is cringing as I search Kayak for flights…

“To write it, it took three months; to conceive it three minutes; to collect the data in it all my life.”

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Schmoopy in a Good Way

I feel like the internet has been flooded with diy engagement videos lately. The one with the movie theater (the running sequence was just too long for my taste), the one with the bridge in Central Park (turned out to be staged),the flashmob proposal (trendy but not my style), and countless others. Many are shoddily made, some are fake, and most are just too damn schmoopy/dumb (sorry, that’s my cynical side talking)

However, I found one recently that really was adorable and genuine! It definitely seemed to be the cream of the crop, in my opinion anyway (that’s my romantic side kicking in). But judge for yourself! It’s like a mini-film. The end is the actual proposal and I hate to admit that I teared up when he got down on one knee…

Future husband, take note. Don’t make your proposal into a video unless it’s done well.

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Mother Nature is Pissed

We’ve been having some wicked weather here in Minneapolis lately. The tornadoes that ripped through the Northside of the city yesterday proved Mother Nature can be a truly terrifying force. My heart goes out to the people affected by such tragedies. Unfortunately, they seem to be all too common lately.

At lunch today our waitress asked us if we’d been affected by the weather. We replied that thankfully we had not been. She proceeded to tell us how exciting she thought it was. She just couldn’t “wait to see” what would happen! We were aghast at her lack of tact and compassion. Ummm, really lady? Horrible, potentially fatal storms are exciting to you? They really get your rocks off? Maybe not the best word choice, Jenny. (She didn’t get much of a tip for this and several other reasons.)

However inconsiderate her comment, I do understanding the awe-inspiring power of weather. Although I wouldn’t call it exciting in that context necessarily, storms can be fascinating and even beautiful at times. There is something inherently, eerily powerful and mesmerizing about storms. A force bigger than yourself is at work and the production is on such an epic scale. I get shivers realizing how small and insignificant I am when faced with forces of nature so big and powerful. Their power is magnificent and terrifying and one that can render all other earthly powers useless. Such a majestic and awesome force commands some manner of respect.

I found this amazing video showing the eruption of the latest volcano in Iceland, called Grimsvotn. The ash and smoke clouds coupled with the lighting (and soundtrack) paint a terrific and majestic vision.  Directors and special effects teams could scarcely dream of creating such a fantastic display. Mother Nature puts on a show like I’ve never seen before. The feelings of my insignificance and powerlessness are definitely stirred up by this production. Bravo, Mama Earth. Now be nice and settle down for a bit, would ya?

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Application Headaches

Let me preface this post by saying that I am so lucky to have the chance to go abroad and get paid to teach and live in another country.

That being said, it is SO much work to get everything in order! I don’t have a passport (i know, i know) so that’s the first hurdle. Then I have to get more fingerprints taken to submit with my fbi background check (with apostille certifications). Next, request and send copies of my diploma, transcripts, birth certificate, social security card, and drivers license. Then apply for my visa–the application is in MANDARIN. Hello? Translator please. They have limited English translations and I’m utterly lost.

Next I have to complete my TEFL certification classes and buy my plane tickets.

And did I mention all of these things cost money? Real life American dollars. A small fortune to be exact.

I swear they are like testing me to see how bad I want to do this. “Pretty damn bad” is the answer. So I’m not gonna give up anytime soon. I just wish it didn’t require me to fill out mounds of paperwork and spend hours on government websites!

But I did kinda get the opportunity/opportunities of a lifetime, so I’ll complain quietly to myself until my plane takes off and I leave for Asia!

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Epitome of Organization

This closet is absolutely TO DIE FOR. I may have found my next what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-myself-now hobby.

The color coordination and all the little boxes and shelves make me want to go nuts at Office Max….

Too bad this is a little girl’s closet (I’m pretty sure). I wonder what it would look like re-vamped for a 22-year-old woman?! 😉

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Post-Grad Adjustments

I’ve been having some trouble adjusting to life after graduation…. I feel so lost without any sort of homework or a set schedule to fill my time! I honestly, don’t really know what to do with myself right now! I mean, I’m working on getting my paperwork together to go abroad, finishing up some other applications, and I’ve got a job and chores to do of course. But WHAT DO I DO ALL DAY, EVERYDAY NOW THAT COLLEGE IS OVER!?

I haven’t ever really had this much unlimited, unbounded, absolutely FREE time in my entire life (expect pre-pre-school days I can’t even remember)

Any advice? Not like what things to do to fill my time–I’m highly capable of dinking around and finding stuff to clean. But how do I handle the actual transition to post-college life??

This quote settled my worries a bit at least. Helps me realize I’m not necessarily wasting my time by enjoying summer right now.

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