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Chez Moi

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use these anytime soon as it’ll be several years before I have even a semi-permanent residence…. BUT these are a few ideas I’ve been drooling over lately! They look so simple and adorable, it almost makes me want to settle down now. ALMOST.


Best idea for an accent wall I’ve seen yet (oh and the GORGEOUS chandelier ain’t bad either):


In another room, probably my (dream) office, I’d make this idea a reality. Put the world at my fingertips 🙂

Finally, my foyer would feature these rustic (and useful) touches!


FINALLY, this would be my dream roommate:

Guess I’ll have to keep dreaming and collecting ideas until I can actually make them a reality!


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Epitome of Organization

This closet is absolutely TO DIE FOR. I may have found my next what-the-hell-do-I-do-with-myself-now hobby.

The color coordination and all the little boxes and shelves make me want to go nuts at Office Max….

Too bad this is a little girl’s closet (I’m pretty sure). I wonder what it would look like re-vamped for a 22-year-old woman?! 😉

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Stop Motion

So cool! I’d love to have this bookshelf!

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Let Go, Jump In

“Are you in or are you out?
Leave your things behind
‘Cause it’s all going off without you
Excuse me too busy you’re writing your tragedy
These mishaps
You bubble-wrap
When you’ve no idea what you’re like”

–Frou Frou, “Let Go”

(I want to put this up in my room!)

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