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My (not-so-secret) Secret

As fall is in full-swing (despite the 80 degree temps as of late), scarves are beginning to take over my wardrobe. I have about as many scarves as I do necklaces, re: A LOT. Despite this, I feel the need to mix-it-up every now and again. This video has been my pocket ace for awhile now, but I am choosing to share the inspiration!

For me, the modern one loop and the european loop were staples before this gem. Now I favor the celebrity, the magic trick, and the fake knot. In fact, a few girls at work were interested in how I tied my scarf in such a “cool” way last week. Well baby I’m not born with it, it’s Wendy’s Look Book ftw.


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Chez Moi

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use these anytime soon as it’ll be several years before I have even a semi-permanent residence…. BUT these are a few ideas I’ve been drooling over lately! They look so simple and adorable, it almost makes me want to settle down now. ALMOST.


Best idea for an accent wall I’ve seen yet (oh and the GORGEOUS chandelier ain’t bad either):


In another room, probably my (dream) office, I’d make this idea a reality. Put the world at my fingertips 🙂

Finally, my foyer would feature these rustic (and useful) touches!


FINALLY, this would be my dream roommate:

Guess I’ll have to keep dreaming and collecting ideas until I can actually make them a reality!

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DIY Necklace: UPDATE

You may remember back in March, when I wrote about a super cute DIY necklace! I found the idea on PS I made this and it looked like this:

Well I got around to doing-it-myself finally this afternoon!

My attempt/interpretation was not so adorable, unfortunately. In fact, it looked a little gaudy to me. I was using a few long strands of costumes pearls and a lonely broach from my jewelry collection just like they pictured, but it just wasn’t working. (No offense to the PS version, I sucked at recreating their cute work!)

As I was pranced around my room wearing it and trying it on with clothes, I really couldn’t see myself wearing it for real. And that was kinda the point. To remake/redesign my pearl strands so I’d actually wear them.

So, I decided to try something different. I modified the design a tish and LOVED the results.

I had noticed the strands kept twisting up as I was working with them. Annoyed before, I had kept trying to untwist them. But (post-DIY-fail) when I was experimenting, I gave in and let them curl into each other. The result was pretty cute! With some tweaking and prodding, I was impressed with what it looked like!

Even more exciting, I ended up with two necklaces! The lengths were uneven so they worked better as two separate pieces! One is a plain pearl curl and the other has my broach as a garnish, is a little more flashy.

(I was focusing on getting good pics of the necklaces with my crappy webcam so I’m making weird faces, don’t judge)

I’m really excited about these new pieces! Can’t wait to find the perfect outfit to debut them with!

What do you think?

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