A propos de moi

A little about me:

I love traveling, Target, memoirs, emails, scrabble, cleaning, inventing new baked goods, foursquare, twitter, gentlemen, excel spreadsheets, Bo Burnham, HP, Netflix, correct grammar and spelling, gay rights activism, rational people, coupons, being very busy, education, GG, coffee shops, and feeling accomplished.

I absolutely hate messes, peeing, voicemails, getting gas for my car, dirty clothes, people who take themselves too seriously (srsly), the Jersey Shore, #badeggs, coconut, dead batteries, and waiting for anything or anyone.

I spend way too much time making to do lists, not enough time crossing stuff off of them.

I’m an ESTJ. I am also flammable.

See also, my facebook: the other way I tell everyone more than they’d ever even want to know about me


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