Schmoopy in a Good Way

I feel like the internet has been flooded with diy engagement videos lately. The one with the movie theater (the running sequence was just too long for my taste), the one with the bridge in Central Park (turned out to be staged),the flashmob proposal (trendy but not my style), and countless others. Many are shoddily made, some are fake, and most are just too damn schmoopy/dumb (sorry, that’s my cynical side talking)

However, I found one recently that really was adorable and genuine! It definitely seemed to be the cream of the crop, in my opinion anyway (that’s my romantic side kicking in). But judge for yourself! It’s like a mini-film. The end is the actual proposal and I hate to admit that I teared up when he got down on one knee…

Future husband, take note. Don’t make your proposal into a video unless it’s done well.


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