Mother Nature is Pissed

We’ve been having some wicked weather here in Minneapolis lately. The tornadoes that ripped through the Northside of the city yesterday proved Mother Nature can be a truly terrifying force. My heart goes out to the people affected by such tragedies. Unfortunately, they seem to be all too common lately.

At lunch today our waitress asked us if we’d been affected by the weather. We replied that thankfully we had not been. She proceeded to tell us how exciting she thought it was. She just couldn’t “wait to see” what would happen! We were aghast at her lack of tact and compassion. Ummm, really lady? Horrible, potentially fatal storms are exciting to you? They really get your rocks off? Maybe not the best word choice, Jenny. (She didn’t get much of a tip for this and several other reasons.)

However inconsiderate her comment, I do understanding the awe-inspiring power of weather. Although I wouldn’t call it exciting in that context necessarily, storms can be fascinating and even beautiful at times. There is something inherently, eerily powerful and mesmerizing about storms. A force bigger than yourself is at work and the production is on such an epic scale. I get shivers realizing how small and insignificant I am when faced with forces of nature so big and powerful. Their power is magnificent and terrifying and one that can render all other earthly powers useless. Such a majestic and awesome force commands some manner of respect.

I found this amazing video showing the eruption of the latest volcano in Iceland, called Grimsvotn. The ash and smoke clouds coupled with the lighting (and soundtrack) paint a terrific and majestic vision.  Directors and special effects teams could scarcely dream of creating such a fantastic display. Mother Nature puts on a show like I’ve never seen before. The feelings of my insignificance and powerlessness are definitely stirred up by this production. Bravo, Mama Earth. Now be nice and settle down for a bit, would ya?


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