Application Headaches

Let me preface this post by saying that I am so lucky to have the chance to go abroad and get paid to teach and live in another country.

That being said, it is SO much work to get everything in order! I don’t have a passport (i know, i know) so that’s the first hurdle. Then I have to get more fingerprints taken to submit with my fbi background check (with apostille certifications). Next, request and send copies of my diploma, transcripts, birth certificate, social security card, and drivers license. Then apply for my visa–the application is in MANDARIN. Hello? Translator please. They have limited English translations and I’m utterly lost.

Next I have to complete my TEFL certification classes and buy my plane tickets.

And did I mention all of these things cost money? Real life American dollars. A small fortune to be exact.

I swear they are like testing me to see how bad I want to do this. “Pretty damn bad” is the answer. So I’m not gonna give up anytime soon. I just wish it didn’t require me to fill out mounds of paperwork and spend hours on government websites!

But I did kinda get the opportunity/opportunities of a lifetime, so I’ll complain quietly to myself until my plane takes off and I leave for Asia!


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