Post-Grad Adjustments

I’ve been having some trouble adjusting to life after graduation…. I feel so lost without any sort of homework or a set schedule to fill my time! I honestly, don’t really know what to do with myself right now! I mean, I’m working on getting my paperwork together to go abroad, finishing up some other applications, and I’ve got a job and chores to do of course. But WHAT DO I DO ALL DAY, EVERYDAY NOW THAT COLLEGE IS OVER!?

I haven’t ever really had this much unlimited, unbounded, absolutely FREE time in my entire life (expect pre-pre-school days I can’t even remember)

Any advice? Not like what things to do to fill my time–I’m highly capable of dinking around and finding stuff to clean. But how do I handle the actual transition to post-college life??

This quote settled my worries a bit at least. Helps me realize I’m not necessarily wasting my time by enjoying summer right now.


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