Planning for a Challenge

November is National Novel Writing Month.

Cool, right? But, “Caroline, it’s MAY!” You’re thinking. I know, I know.

I found this really cool website that encourages everyday people to write during November. I think it is an awesome initiative and a great idea! SO many people have fascinating stories and writing can be very therapeutic, regardless of if anyone reads it.

I’ve always joked that I’m going to write a book about my life one day. It’s not like I’ve been through a lot necessarily or that it’ll be particularly fascinating or thrilling, but I’ve had some interesting experiences that I think someone might want to read about one day. If I write about them well, anyway.

I like writing! (GASP) As I just finished college, I think I’m going to be actually WRITING a lot more on this blog. I’ve been looking for an outlet lately. And writing because I WANT to, not because I have to sounds fun to me. The other post-grad plan that I’ve decided on is reading. A lot more. Like actually reading for fun! What an idea!? haha I’m getting my library membership (for real this time, post to come about that) so I don’t go into debt and I’ve got a summer reading list printed in my desk drawer.

So after I spend all summer reading the great literary works of the world, I hope to be inspired and eager to get typing come November. One thing I”m nervous for is my perfectionism. When I write, it’s usually my final draft. Not that it couldn’t use editing or a proofread, but when I put something down I am meticulous and thorough and often say it exactly how I think it should be said. Or maybe I’ll look back and hate what I wrote, think it’s utter ramblings or that I was trying too hard. So many things to think about when writing!

There is a no-editing rule for November, just a free-flow if ideas. December is for editing, as the website says. This could be an obstacle for me. But hey, what’s life without challenges?! I say, bring it on.

If you’re interested in learning more about Novel Writing Month or want to write too, check out

If i think it’s any good around turkey day, I may post some of my writing! (As if you wanted to read more of the bunk that comes out of head!)


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