Literal Black Swan

This guy is INCREDIBLE!

And the guy dancing isn’t bad either 😉

This is such a unique combination of the arts! I love it.

I volunteered at an event last week where young kids (like 2nd grade) got a break dance tutorial from a campus group. The group of 20-something aged guys performed for the kids, taught them basic moves, and then let them battle each other. It was so fun and adorable and the kids loved it! But those guys teaching us had NOTHING on this guy! Who knew the human body could even MOVE like that?! I’m impressed, to say the least.

P.S. How cool does Yo Yo Ma seem playing cello for a breakdancer?! I bet he’s a fascinating man. Also, love that the dancer is repping the Red Sox!

Bucket list item 56: Learn to breakdance. Or play the cello (I already know the viola…)


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  1. I’ve always suspected Yo Yo Ma would provide a great break dancing accompaniment.


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