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Fun fact: I am mostly afraid of tattoos. Not the pain, but the permanence of something on my body. I always joke that nothing means enough to me yet to get it permanently put on my body. Something I think is a huge part of my life now, may turn out to be something I despise in 20 years. Some say that’s the beauty of tattoos though–they were very meaningful to you once upon a time.

In spite of that, I doubt I’ll ever get one. If i do, it’ll be unique and profound (cue self-righteous attitude).

That being said, these are some of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen. Not that I would get any of them… But the bookworm-nerd-cutesy side of me thinks some of these are downright beautiful.

Check all 20 out here.

Here are a few of my favorites:

I’ve always loved this line. Very simple.

If i were to get any on this list, this one would have to be my choice. Best font, placement, great line as well!

This must be the biggest Kerouac fan that ever lived. Also, one of the most bad-ass nerd/hipsters ever. I bet we’d get along. I actually really like this one, despite how big it is.

This one looks a bit fresh and painful… Regardless, I’m in love with the design! So clever and I think side tattoos are some of my favorites. Also, one of my favorite quotes (notice a theme here…?)

PS I wish the Gatsby one wasn’t so garish. That’s my favorite book.

Which do you like?


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