Sara Bareilles has always been my girl. I have specific memories tied to each of her songs–that’s how i know when I REALLY like an artist/album.



When I hear “Capri,” I think of walking around Stadium Village in a sundress, summer after my junior year of college.

When I hear “Love Song,” I think of this dumb guy I liked freshman year and how it was my get-over-him-you’re-better-anyway-anthem (this is hilarious to me now, he wasn’t even cute!)

Every song is tied to a time, place, feeling, etc in my head. She is a musical wizard like that–never a bad track, i’m telling you.

So when her new album was announced, i was JAZZED to say the least. “Kaleidoscope Heart” was bound to be the next soundtrack to my life.

And it is 🙂

“King of Anything” is pure, don’t-tell-me-what-to-do gold.

“Uncharted” has really struck a chord with me (my future is certainly uncharted…)



This video is SO clever and so sweet and just pure genius. Seriously, Sara you are a wizard.

I kept hitting replay on youtube everytime it stopped.


New soundtrack: found.


“Each day

Counting up the minutes, till I get alone

Cause I can’t stay

In the middle of it all, it’s nobody’s fault….

never knew how much I didn’t know

Oh, everything is uncharted”


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