Chicago was divine!

I had such a great time visiting Chicago this past weekend! We roadtripped to see one of our best friends from high school and we had SO much fun 🙂


We ate at this super cool modern thai restaurant–totally recommend it!



I used coupons for everything, even our McDonald’s stops along the way (so typical)


We ended up going to this house party at one of Tom’s friend’s houses super nice mansions–who knew college kids could afford cribs like that?! I was amazed at the gorgeous hardwood floors, massive kitchen, plush furniture, and  huge master bedroom with full jacuzzi. But my jaw dropped when I saw their bathroom.


They had a GENIUS shower curtain. It was a map of the Chicago Transit System. I DIED. Like, I was obsessed and kept asking everyone if they’d seen it (I was a few cocktails in… haha) So practical and adorable!

The one pictured is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I did a little googling the next day and found this website that sells a bunch of different cities!

My favorite one was the Boston one! (Of course)




Now I need to move to a city and get its curtain #lifegoals


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